Another Closing day surprises that you are not going to want to miss!


Credit challenges! 


Even though you approved for a mortgage a month or so in advanced before you close on your home, a small change in your financial picture can affect your credit score and create major problems up to the moment you close. 


Changing jobs, applying for credit cards, falling behind on your bills can red flag your deal! 


How bad can credit challenges be? 


Pretty bad! 


If a lender withdraws the offer, you won’t be able to close until you secure another mortgage, which can take weeks.  If the lender wants to increase your interest rates, which usually happens in this type of situation, then you will have to decide whether you can still afford to buy or not. 


To make sure this is not an issue contact your lender before you close to discuss and solve any issues that may have turned up. 


Always avoid making any sudden financial moves in the weeks leading up to the close. Things like quitting your job, finding a new job that pays more, or buying new furniture and appliances on your credit card. This can throw a huge monkey wrench into the process, so always wait after you close to make these types of decisions.       


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