One Closing day surprises that you are not going to want to miss!


The dreaded walk-through is the top surprise on closing day and for good reason. 


The final walk-through happens the morning of closing so there’s little time to prepare for whatever problems may arise. You never know when a sudden storm could have flooded out the house or those ugly flaws or cracks get exposed once the furniture is out of the home.


Before you have a panic attach, ask yourself how bad can it really be? 


If the problem is serious, like a flood, you should defiantly proceed with caution. If the problem is minor, don’t fret over an easy fix. Always make sure to inspect the home thoroughly before your final walk-through to avoid last minute surprises.   


Don’t be shy in asking for another look after a big storm to see if the house does have flood damage. 


Lastly, always remember a last-minute discovery of a problem is not necessarily a deal breaker. Just ask the seller to recover the cost of the repairs and put the fund in escrow. Be sure to come up with estimates from professionals on how much a fix would cost. 


Thanks for reading our post, here at Top Notch Properties we will always recommend you get with an Expert Real Estate Advisor when it comes to selling or purchasing real estate. Until next time, have an awesome week and make sure you check out our next blog post for more tips and tricks when it comes to all your real estate needs! 


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