Why getting a pre-inspection on your home before you sell can give you an edge in a competitive market? 


Inspections reassure potential home buyers from unseen hidden land mines. Even after a walk through, buyers rarely know what to expect from a home inspection. There’s always the possibilities of terminates gnawing on wood work or faulted wiring behind a newly painted wall. 


Providing a pre-inspection insures the buyer that no major surprises are in store. While they might not waive their own follow up inspection, they will at least feel more comfortable about placing a bid on the home. 


Pre-inspections buy you time and can save you money in the long run. Even in a relatively new home or a completely renovated home, chances are a home inspector can find a red flag or two. When a fault is found during a typical home inspection you may only have a few days to decide whether to make the repair or adjust the sales price accordingly. You will need to find a solution that satisfies you and the buyer. 


A pre-inspection gives you more time to compare prices and treatment options from a variety of contractors. You may also avoid any unnecessary expenses for unpredictable repair cost like mold remediation or structural work. 


Inspections make you aware of where you stand in the negotiation process. Generally, your final sales price is determined long before the inspector steps through the door. That leaves a huge question mark lingering in your negotiations. Are you going to be forced to drop your final figure again if a major problem is uncovered? 


By getting a pre-inspection early, you can possibly throw out any seller concessions that the buyer might request. This allows you to set your asking price accordingly and puts you in a position to play hardball. 


A pre-inspection prevents repeat repairs. No matter how handy you are there is always a risk of misdiagnosing a problem. By getting a pre-inspection on your home, you can avoid wasting money spent on unnecessary repairs. 


While the average home inspection can cost you a few hundred dollars, it can save you time and money in the long run.         


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