Wake up…Wake up…Wake up!!!!!


It’s time to get the mind right with your daily dose of success fuel!!!!


Today’s message is about the Five things that successful peopleNEVER repeat! 


Successful people never return to what has not worked in the past. Whether it’s a job or a broken relationship that ended for a good reason, successful people never go back to what has not worked unless there is a major change in the relationship or job duty. 


Successful people never do anything that requires them to be someone they are not. They know that in everything that they do requires them to ask themselves four simple questions. 


Why am I doing this? 

Am I suited for this? 

Does it go with my core beliefs? 

Is it sustainable over the long haul?  


Successful people don’t try to change other people. They know that they cannot force someone else into doing something and give them the freedom of allowing them to experience the consequences. In doing so they experience their own freedom. 


Successful people know that they cannot please everyone. They understand that it is impossible to please everyone, so they only please the right people that have meaning in their life. 


Successful people never take their eyes off the big picture. They know that they function better emotionally and perform better in their lives when they see the big picture. They understand that no one event is ever the full story. 


So, I ask you this question, what are the things that you are currently doing that you need to stop repeating?  


Were all put on this planet to achieve success, so get clear on what you need to focus on. Only by not repeating the same things over and over can one overcome any obstacles that stands in their way.  


So, shake off that morning negativity, quit listening to the naysayers and get out there and set your day on fire! 


Remember you are the captain of your ship, only you can control your destiny, no one will do it for you so GO GET SOME!!! 



The Ruse Bros!