Wake up…Wake up…Wake up!!!!!


It’s time to get the mind right with your daily dose of success fuel!!!!


Today’s message is about raising your standards in life! 


There are four basic categories of standards and the outcomes we get in life! 


Poor is the lowest standard in life. When you have poor standards you would think you get poor results, but the truth is you get bankrupt, you get divorced, you get fired, you hit rock bottom, and it’s a giant leap to the next level which is level three good standards. 


When you have good standards, you get poor results. When you raise your standards to excellence then and only then you get good results, which means you’re doing okay, but you could be doing much better. 


So, it’s a small shift to go from excellence to outstanding, and when you set your standards to outstanding that’s when you get excellent results.


Whatever results you want in life you have to be willing to raise your standards and stop excepting the things that serve you no purpose. When something that was once expectable is no longer expectable then and only then have you raised your standards   


So, I ask you this question, where in life can you raise your standard and strive for outstanding results? 


Were all put on this planet to achieve success, so start raising your standards to outstanding.  Only by raising our standards and achieving outstanding results can we overcome any obstacles that stands in our way.  


So, shake off that morning negativity, quit listening to the naysayers and get out there and set your day on fire! 


Remember you are the captain of your ship, only you can control your destiny, no one will do it for you so GO GET SOME!!! 



The Ruse Bros!